AYL (TM) Portable Mini Speaker System for PC / Phone / Tablet / Apple iPod Touch / iPhone 4 / iPad / MP3 Player (Black)



AYL (TM) Portable Mini Speaker System for PC / Phone / Tablet / Apple iPod Touch / iPhone 4 / iPad / MP3 Player (Black)

On Sale Price:  from $13.50

The AYL(TM) Portable Mini Speaker System is an extraordinary audio device. It offers the right balance between sound quality and portability.
Its powerful built-in amplifier produces exceptional sound while its high capacity battery facilitates up to 10 hours continuous playback on a single charge.
Enjoy and share your music, movie and games, presentation, anytime and everywhere.
Compatible with all audio player and multimedia devices with a Universal 3.5mm Audio Jack, connects to your multimedia device through the standard 3.5mm Audio Socket
The portable mini speaker can fit on your key chain and be put on your jeans, bag or backpack for easy travel.
Connect to your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, MP3/MP4/MP5 Player, Mobile Phone, Games Console, Netbook, Desktop, Laptop, Android and other portable devices for a truly remarkable experience indoors and outdoors!

Customer Review

Side-by-side comparison with the X-mini II and iM-237/227, By rpgboy00 (Florida)

I purchased this item not too long ago along with an X-mini II capsule speaker. I originally had the Altec Lansing iM-237 but then decided I wanted something in addition to it that was smaller and more convenient in terms of power (rechargeable). Upon arrival, I immediately checked both of the products' listed specs. They are VERY similar (spec-wise and physically) except for the following:
X-mini II / AYL
1) Weight: 83g / 63g
2) Height: 44mm closed / 45mm
3) Frequency: 100Hz-20kHz / 180Hz-20kHz

While the X-mini II has a built-in volume control, built-in audio-out plug/cord, and is expandable for bass boost, the AYL lacks these features. They both have the same battery capacity; the AYL does not list discharge stats so I can't completely vouch for battery life, but I suspect the same given their identical specs in terms of power consumption/output.

In terms of sound output, both the X-mini II (closed) and AYL gave more or less similar amounts. This is to be expected as both utilize 40mm drivers with the same shape. However, in terms of sound quality, I preferred the AYL a bit more to the X-mini II (closed). The AYL is not expandable so it cannot be configured to expose the resonator like the X-mini II. Therefore, one would think that lacking this versatility would automatically give X-mini II the upper hand. Not so fast. The AYL speakers actually produced a more noticeable amount of bass than the X-mini II closed. Aside from that, sound was more clear on the AYL, especially near the highs.
However, when the BXS resonator is exposed on the X-mini II, the bass is far more present than the AYL (you can actually feel it beating in you). The X-mini II's overall sound output decreases slightly, but gives a tremendous boost to the bass (use an equalizer, if possible, to balance the bass). Sound quality also improves in the treble parts. But the one main issue I had with the X-mini II was how it moved around in the expanded form; on a hard surface, the bottom of the X-mini II would tap and vibrate and produce unwanted sounds. Getting the bass boost is great, but the degree of unwanted sounds was too bothersome for me to keep the speaker in expanded form at max volume.

I've not mentioned the Altec Lansing iM-237 in the above comparison because in virtually all aspects of sound, the iM-237 blows away both the X-mini and AYL speakers. Although the same driver size, it's larger (more free) and consumes more power so of course, it wins. Where the X-mini II in expanded form had a FEEL type of bass, the iM-237 had both the FEEL and HEAR elements and offered a great balance with the treble output. It was much easier to hear/differentiate the actual pitches of the bass lines (various instruments) on the iM-237. The X-mini II has presence w/the bass but is overpowering w/bass-heavy vibrations that it makes it more difficult to do so. In terms of pure sound quality and output, I'd rate the speakers as the following (from 1-10):
Altec Lansing iM-237 - 10
X-mini II (expanded) - 8.0 (only if you minimize the movement on max volume)
AYL mini speakers - 7.3
X-mini II (closed) - 7.0

Overall, I would recommend the Altec Lansing iM-237 above any other if you have rechargeable batteries for it; being able to use spares for extended playback is a big plus for longer trips. However, some people may actually like the X-mini II (expanded) more than the iM-237 since balance-wise, the bass is stronger and more tangible for select tunes (on the border of being distorted). When deciding between the X-mini II and the AYL, a lot of it is preference in sound, but if you don't want to deal with the moving around of the X-mini II on max volume, then it would be better to get the AYL. The bass is more noticeable than the X-mini II closed and sound is a bit more clear; if you can deal with (or resolve - place the pouch under the speaker?) movement and like the versatility of exposing the resonator, then the X-mini II is the clear winner as the bass is much more significant and the treble sounds more free. I would have rated the AYL 5 stars, but the lack of volume control, built-in audio cable, and bass boost option in comparison to the X-mini II when considering that the two are basically the same price after shipping, gives the 5 to the X-mini II and a 4-4.5 for the AYL. Regardless, these are good speakers and any of them will give satisfying performance results.
*Note: apparently, the iM-237 is the same as the iM-227, just different in color and included accessories.

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